Low-Code software development tools
for High Performance business applications and systems.
Rapid prototype and develop applications and data-driven server systems.
FlexMARK 2.0 - The Overview

FlexMARK 2.0
FlexMARK 2.0 is Low-Code software development tools & browser for high performance busness applications and systems.

With the 4EVOLVE FlexMARK 2.0 - you can simply capture mouse and keyboard behaviors (events), view graphic files and handle sounds and do many more...

4EVOLVE FlexMARK Platform is usuing:
	◦ bidirectional client-server communication with security up to 512bit encryption
	◦ database lower-level layer with additional functionality 
	◦ GUI with 2D & 3D elements 
and what is most important – it’s own renderer which is using hardware GFX accelerator (DirectX 3D). 

4EVOLVE FlexMARK Platform is based od RDDL – Rapid Development Description Language.
RDDL - simple description language for business applications and systems
We rethink Flexmark Editor 1.0 and in this way we develop RDDL IDE. RDDL - Rapid Development Description Language - is XML based description language for fast software development. With RDDL we provide new kind of business applications browser for network capable applications.
RDDL is useful for: ◦ Data-driven server system ◦ Desktop online and offline applications (for build Platforms and other solutions) ◦ All in one place, business applications browser concept We propose a new approach to XML syntax: ◦ the possibility of building logic ◦ inheritance ◦ passing attributes between objects. ◦ etc. and still evolving... Key values of RDDL: ◦ Productivity ◦ Rapid solutions prototyping, development & deploy ◦ High performance for fast enduser use ◦ Best practices in systems architecture (built-in tiers) ◦ Security based even on 512 Encryptions Algorithms Sounds interesting? Have you any questions? Read the RDDL - F.A.Q. Want more information? Here you have a RDDL Documentation
Easy Solution Prototyping
for database and the Gui Layouts
Modular Projecting
Possibility for own Frameworks build
based on Templates
GPU Rendering
fast elements rendering and Bitmapped Fonts
Patching and Modding
for the Created Applications
Database Layered System
fast and easy to use tables and SQL definitions
Databases supported bases on our layers:
Animations for app Elements
based on timed scenario
3D Elements and Assets Sounds Control
Cross Server Communication System
for B2B purposes, based on this system
Security based even on 512 Encryptions Algorithms
Just take a look at FlexMARK 2.0 Platform Architecture 
The next step is to build:

1. Internal Editor with these main functionalities:
	- Database Designer
	- Nodes
	- GUI Editor
	- 3D Assets Editor

2. Multiple Company Deploy Editor and Patching System
Licensing, Versions & Pricing
Explorer Edition
Professional Edition
Price (lifetime licence) FREE TBA
Availability TBA TBA
Non-Commercial projects Unlimited Unlimited
Commercial projects - Unlimited
All RDDL features
Controls templates included
Samples included
Watermark removed NO