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FlexMARK 2.0 - Low-Code dev tools & browser for business applications and systems
There were a few approach to build high performance Rich Internet Applications…
But they were still embeded in technologies from the 80's and 90's (HTML and HTTP ).

We propose a new kind of browser for business applications, and simplicity programming using XML syntax language with:
	◦ the possibility of building logic
	◦ inheritance
	◦ passing attributes between objects.
	◦ etc.
and still evolving...
We went much further with the 4EVOLVE: FlexMARK 2.0 Platform - you can simply capture mouse and keyboard behaviors (events), view graphic files and handle sounds. But as we say - we go further…

4EVOLVE FlexMARK Platform is usuing:
	◦ bidirectional client-server communication with security up to 512bit encryption
	◦ database lower-level layer with additional functionality 
	◦ GUI with 2D & 3D elements 
and what is most important – it’s own renderer which is using hardware GFX accelerator (DirectX 3D). 

Just take a look at FlexMARK 2.0 Overview 

4EVOLVE FlexMARK 2.0 Platform is based od RDDL – Rapid Development Description Language.
DEEP STARS PROJECT - space sim 4X like PC game
DEEP STARS PROJECT is space game beyond the typical simulator. You take the role of spaceship Nomad, for which the player creates a career path. You can grow as a trader, smuggler or captain of the fleet. Buy and sell various goods. Create and develop your space empire! The game is open-ended, and you are free shape your career. You can sign and break alliances with the various races fighting for power, freedom and oxygen sources!

Just take a look at our dedicated web page: 4EVOLVE Games