Low-Code software development tools
for High Performance business applications and systems.
Rapid prototype and develop applications and data-driven server systems.
What kind of software can I develop with RDDL?

RDDL is designed to develop various kind of software e.g. network capable desktop applications, data-driven server systems and all in one place business applications browser concept... It’s not exactly new kind of applications, but approach used in RDDL is to use the advanced capabilities of nowadays PC’s such as GPU Rendering in the front, compressed binary communications based on berkley sockets and security based on up to 512 bits encryprion, and of course advanced database using layers.
What is needed to start RDDL programming?
To start RDDL programming is needed only two things: - Any XML editor, e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio - RDDL IDE
Can I create my own framework on RDDL?
Extremely yes! You can simply modify existing in RDDL frameworks and of course develop your own. Frameworks in RDDL are based on templates (XML Files).
What is the difference between RDDL IDE Explorer and Professional Edition ?
Difference is simple - RDDL IDE Explorer edition is completly free, but contain watermark. You can prepare commercial application on RDDL IDE Explorer Edition, but you cannot release it.
When RDDL will be available?
Both version of RDDL IDE Explorer Edition (free) and Professional Edition will be available as soon as possible.
What about Flexmark Editor 1.0 - it will be available?
4EVOLVE: Flexmark Editor is a visual, node based editor for develop various kind of software. We rebuild it's roots and prepared RDDL IDE. RDDL IDE Roadmap contains all functionalities of Flexmark Editor 1.0.